Hualapai Tribe rolls out Grand Canyon Skywalk

The Hualapai Tribe of Arizona is putting the finishing touches on its massive Skywalk over the Grand Canyon.

As tribal elders blessed the site, workers pushed out the 2-million-pound structure out over the edge of the Grand Canyon yesterday. It took over an hour and an elaborate set of pulleys and weights to do the job, The Arizona Republic reported.

The tribe hopes the Skywalk will bring more tourists, and their dollars, to the reservation. Located on the western edge of the Grand Canyon, the reservation sees about 300,000 people a year.

The Skywalk could double that number this year alone, tribal officials hope. And by 2008, they hope to draw 1 million to the reservation.

The cost of the project was picked up by David Jin, a Las Vegas tour operator who has been working with the tribe sine the 1990s. He will get a share of the profits of the operation -- admission is $74.95 -- for several years before the tribe assumes complete control.

The VIP opening takes place March 20. The Skywalk opens to the general public on March 28.

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