Editorial: Attorney's ties to tribe are troubling

"When Bobby Jindal was running for governor, he promised an ethical administration far above the standards of the past. But Jindal’s pick for executive counsel, an enormously influential position as the Governor’s Office attorney, hopes to retain some interest, of some sort, in his law firm in Pineville while serving the state full-time in Baton Rouge.

Unfortunately, among the main clients of Jimmy Faircloth’s Pineville firm is the Coushatta tribe and its giant casino complex in Kinder.

This puts gambling interests in a key position in the Governor’s Office.

What the incoming administration is going to do about this is not clear, but the initial responses to criticism of Faircloth’s appointment are not encouraging.

Jindal spokeswoman Melissa Sellers said that Faircloth is arranging a buy-out of his interest in the firm, but Faircloth said in an interview that he would retain some tie to it.

Faircloth said he would recommend that Jindal appoint a special counsel to handle Indian gambling questions facing the new administration.

We don’t think that’s enough."

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