Opinion: No movement on future of 'Sioux' nick
"Nearly a year after the supposed settlement between North Dakota and the NCAA over UND’s Fighting Sioux nickname and logo, there seems to be an absence of public effort in achieving a win/win solution.

UND has provided the largest arena of positive name recognition for the Sioux Nation on a national and international level for more than a half-century. One wonders why something as important to the promotion of the Great Sioux Nation’s accomplishment in today’s modern world would be held in such low regard by a few tribal leaders — such low regard that the leaders seem not willing even to sit down at the table, as the settlement agreement requested.

Even today, it takes two parties working together to build a better vision of tomorrow.

One wonders whether this lack of concerted effort is due to lack of vision on how to proceed or perhaps even worse, the lack of political will on both sides. Why are the attorney general and the governor not at the table leading the discussions, when the reputations of both UND and the state are involved?

Bill Goetz, chancellor of the State Board of Higher Education, seems to be the only person tasked with the effort, but few if any positive results have come forward. Many people feel that the only game plan being considered is one of retiring the name."

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Rich Becker: N.D. lets nickname settlement fall by wayside (The Grand Forks Herald 8/17)

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