Opinion: Chamberlain's arrest brings out racism
"Everyone makes mistakes. Even superstars such as New York Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain.

Chamberlain, 23, later apologized for being pulled over by police for driving under the influence.

But is apologizing enough?

To the most of us, yes. But not as a New York Yankee.

Now Chamberlain opened a can of worms. And the New York tabloid newspapers are making him pay for it.

Both tabloids are digging to find Chamberlain's secrets.

The Daily News opened a wound with a published column today.

Mike Lupica, a respected columnist, wrote: "The troubling add-on with Chamberlain is that problems with alcohol run in his family. His mother. The mother who hasn't been a part of his movie-of-the-week story. It comes out now that she has struggled throughout her life with liquor and pot and even meth."

It doesn't help that ignorant readers are posting stereotypical and degrading comments about Chamberlain being Native and alcohol. One reader wrote: "First off, he is an American Indian. They cant drink.""

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Dalton Walker: Joba's Arrest: Pouring Alcohol on an Open Wound (RezNet News 10/21)

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