Quileute Nation inspired by 'Twilight' to create museum exhibit
The Quileute Nation of Washington is fictionalized in the Twilight series of books and movies and the tribe wants the world to know its true story.

The tribe is collaborating with the Seattle Arts Museum on the first-ever exhibit on Quileute history and culture. "We are a lot different from Hollywood, I'll tell you that," elder Christian Penn, 81, told The Seattle Times.

"Our council was getting a lot of flak from our elders, saying 'Show them the real Quileute, not this Hollywood Quileute,'" added Ann Penn-Charles.

The exhibit opens this Saturday. It features art objects, some of which have never been seen in public, along with wolf headdresses, rattles, drums, ceremonial objects, historical photographs and video footage.

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'Twilight' leads Quileute tribe to help museum tell its true story (The Seattle Times 8/11)

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