Opinion: Pechanga Band, environmentalists winning on mine

"If the battle over the Liberty Quarry was a football game, the announcer might say: "And in a surprise at halftime, the environmentalists lead the big money."

Yes ye of little faith, it really is true. The Riverside County Planning Commission rejected the quarry and the economic development it promised.

In the midst of a recession with no end in sight in a southwest end of the county whose population has exploded the past quarter century because developers mostly got what they wanted, big money is losing.

The second half will be played on the Board of Supervisors' turf because Granite is appealing the verdict.

The developer's quarterback, Gary Johnson, says he looks forward to a fair hearing from the supervisors.

Veteran environmentalist Kathleen Hamilton confidently says, Bring it on!"

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Carl Love: Quarry losing at halftime (The Riverside Press-Enteprise 9/4)

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