Editorial: Removal of dams a step towards return of Elwha River

"A celebration decades in the making launches the removal of two dams on the Elwha River in Olympic National Park.

Saturday's gathering of dignitaries at the Elwha Dam is a triumph of environmental, political and cultural tenacity that inspires superlatives to describe a river's return to its origins:

"Removal of the two fish-blocking dams from the Elwha River is probably the most significant restoration action in the history of the Pacific Northwest."

So declared Jacques White, executive director of Long Live the Kings, Michael Schmidt, director of Fish Programs for Long Live the Kings, and Lars Mobrand, outgoing chair, Hatchery Scientific Review Group, in a recent Seattle Times op-ed piece."

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Editorial: The return of the Elwha River finally begins (The Seattle Times 9/17)

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