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Santa Clara Pueblo working to address flooding and fire issues

Santa Clara Pueblo in New Mexico is working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on a multi-year study to address flooding and fire issues.

The tribe and the agency were in the middle of a similar assessment when the Las Conchas Fire struck, destroying 16,000 acres of the reservation, including sacred sites and hunting, fishing and gathering grounds. The new study will address the threat of flooding.

"The fire is bad enough, but the aftermath of the fire is just as bad. The concerns will be around for years to come," Ron Kneebone, a tribal liaison at the Army Corps, told the Associated Press.

The study will cost $1.8 million and take three years to complete The tribe will be eligible for up to $1 million a year in grants.

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Feds work with New Mexico pueblo on fire recovery (AP 8/28)

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