Editorial: Unity needed as Lumbee Tribe recovers from a tough year

"Arlinda Locklear has spoken truth to power. We hope that truth inspires her fellow Lumbees to return to the struggle for recognition with renewed determination to make it happen.

Locklear, a Maryland lawyer, was longtime leader of the tribe's attempts to gain full federal recognition and the funding that could reverse the tribe's dismal economic, educational and health care plight.

Last year, Locklear was suddenly taken off the effort and replaced by a gambling consultant from Las Vegas. It was clear that tribal leaders had secretly changed course and were trying to walk away from legislation that agreed that the tribe would forgo casinos as a revenue source.

Last week, Locklear spoke out, telling us what we already believed: Tribal leaders' furtive deal killed any chance of passage of the recognition bill. That is a tragedy for the Lumbees, who already know too much about hardship."

The truth, according to Locklear, is that former Tribal Chairman Jimmy Goins and his Tribal Administrator Leon Jacobs began "scheming" three years ago with a gaming industry representative "to amend the pending Lumbee recognition bill to allow the tribe to have a casino," she wrote in her open letter to tribal members."

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Editorial: Collapse - Gambling gambit killed Lumbee recognition bill (The Fayetteville Observer 1/2)

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Lumbee Recognition Bills:
S.1735 | H.R.31 | H.R.839

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