Letter: Unfair allegation about San Manuel Band chairman

"Re: Oct. 7 letter, "Third party for 3rd District?"

I do not personally know Mr. Derry, Mr. Ramos or Mr. Cook. I am not involved in any of their campaigns. I do, however, know a blatant false accusation when I see one. The writer mentioned the income Mr. Ramos receives and then goes directly to "buying political favors and votes." He suggests that if one makes a lot of money, then that one must be corrupt.

The other candidates are well financed - are they considered corrupt? Does the addition of Mr. Cook in this race eliminate the writer's concerns?

Mr. Ramos must enjoy a great deal of respect, trust and confidence from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians to make him their leader. The tribe not only is very successful in numerous ventures but is highly appreciated by the community for its charitable contributions and involvement. Mr. Ramos may be well suited to be a supervisor."

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Andy Gray: Unfair suggestion (The San Bernardino Sun 10/19)

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