Opinion: A new 'Mormons' mascot for the University of Utah

"It’s been a privilege to be a member of the Mascot Nomenclature Working Group, a panel of distinguished alumni, prominent community leaders and randomly selected hot-dog vendors. (The working group is code-named “Adam,” who, as everyone knows, was tasked by God to provide appropriate names to the beasts of the field). We at “Adam” have been tasked with coming up with a new nickname for athletic teams at the University of Utah.

With that in mind, my fellow nomenclature members asked me to set the Tribune editorial board right as regards their well-intentioned, but superficially reasoned, editorial, the crucial section of which has been quoted above. Contrary to the nameless editorial writer’s assertion that “no one would seriously propose” the nickname Mormons “because it would be deemed offensive,” I am here to tell you that the nickname Mormons has been seriously proposed; furthermore, not only has it not been “deemed offensive,” but it also has been enthusiastically championed by several of the Brethren (another proposed nickname, but that’s another story.)"

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D.P. Sorensen: Goooo Mormons! (The Salt Lake City Weekly 1/18)

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