Amanda McCoy: Fate of Ojibwe people tied to gray wolves

"Today, Jan. 27, 2012, the Gray Wolf will be officially delisted as an endangered species for the Great Lakes area including Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

The wolf plays a cultural, historical, spiritual, and traditional role to many Native American tribes throughout the United States. One of the largest bands of Native Americans located in the Great Lakes area is the Chippewa or Ojibwe. I feel the delisting will be detrimental to my tribe, along with the Gray Wolf itself.

According to Ojibwe oral history and legends, after Earth's creation it was man's first responsibility to follow the Creator's instructions, walk the earth and name all living things. All plants, animals, rivers, and so on needed a name.

The Creator sent the wolf to keep man company while on his journey. During their travels they grew close to each other and treated one another as brothers. After they named all living things, man and wolf were forbidden to keep their friendship and were ordered to go their separate ways.

It is legend that the destiny of the wolf will be the destiny of the Ojibwe people."

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