Harold Monteau: Money still rules, even in Indian Country

"What in the heck is a “plutarchy”? Well, it certainly is not an America where Pluto is the president. It is a composite word from the word “plutocracy” which means “rule by the wealthy” and oligarchy, which is “rule by a few” or “rule by a small group.” No, I’m not making this up, it is a real word which has been used by economists and other academic types to describe the system under which we exist today. What happened to “democracy” you ask? Perhaps one should pose that question to the Plutarchy. Who is/are the plutarchy? As explained below, the plutarchy are the 20 or so families that own the majority of America’s wealth and their corporate surrogates.

Lately, there has been an “Occupy” movement going on in the United States in which the protestors have styled themselves as the 99 percent who are protesting against the richest 1 percent who make their money though Financial Institutions, including the highly visible mega-banks. What the 99 percent fail to realize is that they are missing 9 percent of the target. The 1 percent had a major part in the ruination of our economy, the loss of our jobs, the loss of our houses, the loss of our life savings and the loss of our retirement. Where did it all go? Ask the 9 percent who serve the 1 percent. Therein lies the majority of blame for the robbing of the middle class and the further impoverishment of the “working class.” Therein lie the people who used the 1-percenter’s money to not only make more money for the 1 percent, but to make big bucks for themselves in the process."

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Harold Monteau: America the Plutarchy? Say what? (Indian Country Today 2/2)

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