Jeromy Sullivan: Protect Port Gamble from overdevelopment

"I want to take a moment to respond to The Sun's Feb. 2 Our View editorial, "Growing Pains for Port Gamble," which addressed efforts by Olympic Property Group to seek county approval for a dock large enough to support tour boats and seaplanes at Port Gamble.

Many members of the community have serious concerns about this proposal, including the Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe, local environmental groups, and small businesses. If a dock is allowed at Port Gamble, it would be devastating to marine resources in the bay and, in turn, to the health, food supply, and economic and cultural well-being of many people.

Port Gamble Bay is one of four bays in Kitsap County, but the only one that is significantly productive. It is a critical area for multiple habitats and species such as salmon listed under the Endangered Species Act, herring, surf smelt, and eelgrass. It contains one of the largest geoduck harvesting areas in the Puget Sound. Port Gamble Bay is one of the largest herring spawning areas in all of Washington state. Other species such as salmon and orcas feed on herring, a keystone species that is essential to the Hood Canal ecosystem."

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Jeromy Sullivan: Why gamble with Port Gamble Bay? (The Kitsap Sun 2/8)

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