Letter: UND caught in a mudfight over 'Fighting Sioux' nick

"What the editorial neglected to note is that UND did comply with the NCAA mandate, and its reversion to the Fighting Sioux nickname was not a voluntary move. Last year, the state legislature enacted a law that required the university to retain the nickname in perpetuity. The hope was that doing so would force the NCAA to back down on the arbitrary and capricious timeline it set for an accord to be struck between UND and the two Sioux tribes. This didn’t occur, so the legislature passed a second bill repealing the first law; the second law also bans UND from adopting a new monicker for at least three years. Subsequent to the passage of the second law, a group of citizens (including members of both Sioux tribes) circulated two petitions: one which repeals the second law, thereby forcing UND to revert to using the nickname, and the other which calls for a statewide referendum on use of the nickname.

More than enough signatures were collected, so both actions have been taken — UND is once again the Fighting Sioux, and there will be a statewide referendum this summer."

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