Walter Lamar: Sharing stories of success in Indian Country

"In 2005, I founded Lamar Associates as an entirely Native-owned company that provides solutions for Indian Country professionals striving to address the critical law enforcement, health and safety issues troubling many tribal communities. We added Indian Country Training as a training and technical assistance division; so Lamar Associates can focus on consulting, investigations, risk management and representation. I have dedicated my life to serving and protecting Indian Country and Lamar Associates is an extension of this lifelong commitment to the safety and well-being of our people.

Because Lamar Associates is a 100 percent Native owned and operated company that employs talented Native trainers, our clients don’t have to spend time trying to educate us about the problems Indian Country faces or about the ways that Native people learn best. We have lived and worked in Indian Country all our lives and our culturally proficient curricula goes straight to addressing our unique challenges, including complex and overlapping jurisdictions, not enough staff, resources and training, pervasive social problems like gangs or substance abuse and legal systems that don’t accommodate Native styles of correction.

Lamar Associates – Indian Country Training has trained more than 7,000 Indian Country professionals. We maintain communication with our training participants as well as other professional contacts we’ve developed over our careers. We constantly receive feedback about developing problems―like prescription drug users transitioning to heroin abuse―and success stories."

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