OMG: Getting in touch with your 'Native American' spirit guide

"In Native American language a Totem is a symbol that can represent a tribe, family or an individual. Traditionally, each individual is assigned nine different animals through their life, with each animal appearing in your life when that lesson is ready to be learned. They are known as animal guides, and the natives believe there is one Totem Animal that stays with you throughout your life’s journey both in the physical and spiritual world. Your Totem Animal is known as your Guardian Spirit.

You can get in touch with your Totem Animal by paying attention to the animal you feel most connected to. Your Totem Guiding Spirit Animal will show up in your life in many different ways; you will notice them more, feel inexplicitly drawn to them, they can appear in dreams and have a special meaning. They can show up in drawings, sculptures and in your overall life when you least expect. You can feel connected and drawn to a particular animal with no apparent reason."

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What's your Native American Animal Totem? Get in touch with your animal spirit (The New York Daily News 3/1)

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