Steven Newcomb: Rick Santorum and his religious fanaticism

"On Sunday, Feb. 26, presidential candidate and U.S. senator Rick Santorum (R-Penn) was asked by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos whether he stands by a statement he made in October of 2011, that he “almost threw up” after reading a speech by Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy about his Catholic faith, the separation of church and state, and his candidacy for the president of the United States.

The speech in question was delivered by Kennedy in 1960. It was about the role of religion in public life. At the College of St. Mary Magdalen last year, in Warner, New Hampshire, Santorum said: “Earlier in my political career, I had the opportunity to read the speech, and I almost threw up. You should read the speech.”

In response to Stephanopoulos, Santorum said: “What kind of country do we live in that says only people of non-faith can come into the public square and make their case?” Santorum’s statement ought to disqualify him from the U.S. presidency. Only a religious zealot would take issue with the well-measured, reasoned tone, and sensible content of Senator Kennedy’s address."

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