Opinion: Sealaska trying to get best timber in national forest

"For nearly a decade, Sen. Lisa Murkowski has failed to move legislation through Congress that would change the locations where Sealaska Corporation may select its final 132 square miles of entitlements under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.

But no new Congressional legislation is necessary for Sealaska to receive all the land promised to it, despite CEO Chris McNeil's objections to the Audubon Alaska's Tongass report.

McNeil's piece failed to discuss a graph at the back of the report. What does this Audubon graph show? And why does McNeil not discuss it?

The graph shows that the lands Sealaska asked to select in its 2008 letter to BLM are economic to log."

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Myla Poelstra: Sealaska targets biggest trees in Tongass (The Anchorage Daily News 3/3)

Another Opinion:
Chris McNeil: Audubon Alaska's Tongass report flawed (The Anchorage Daily News 3/1)

Southeast Alaska Native Land Entitlement Finalization and Jobs Protection Act:
S.730 | H.R.1408

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