Billi Raining Bird Morsette: Indian Country facing challenges

"We’ve seen all too well the impact of the recent economic downturn in all parts of the United States – rural, urban, and everywhere in between.

And amid the images of shuttered factories, hungry children, and people from all walks of life struggling to make ends meet, one of the many untold tragedies of this recession takes place every day in Indian Country – where I’ve made my home for the past 36 years.

While we can’t downplay the troubles that families across the United States face, on our reservations nationwide, we have an average of 70-80 percent unemployment.

Housing shortages, failing health care services and lack of revenue have left those of us in the Native American community in a more desperate position than ever before. And despite a higher than average unemployment rate, these problems are not new."

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Billi A. Raining Bird Morsette: Women in U.S. Indian Country face challenges (TrustLaw 3/2)

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