Harold Monteau: Unity should benefit all of Indian Country

"Almost every column I have written for ICTMN has either explicitly or implicitly spoken for unity among American Indian Tribes and Native Alaskans (collectively, Native Americans). My message has been and will continue to be that American Indian Tribes and Alaska Native Corporations, in the interest of unity and just plain good economic sense, must pass and enforce Indian and Native Preference in procurement, contracting and hiring. The point of my column on RES 2012 was to announce the new alliance between NCAIED (National Center for Indian Enterprise Development) and NIGA (National Indian Gaming Association) which would be dedicated to a new effort to promote the development and utilization of Indian-owned, tribally owned and Alaska Native-owned businesses in the Indian Casino Supply Chain and the Tribal Governmental Supply Chain. I and the Indian small business owners in attendance were very happy to hear that two of the most influential Indian economic development advocacy groups were going to encourage the utilization of Indian-owned businesses by Tribal and Native Governments and their business entities. The leadership of both NCAIED and NACA know the barriers that are thrown up when Indian owned businesses try to get their foot in the door. Gary Davis personally knows the struggles of being an Indian who is owner of a small business serving Indian Country. Ernie Stevens has been around the tribal political arena long enough to have met almost every Indian small business owner in Indian Country. Ernie knows the struggles too. Ernie supported and assisted in the passage of a resolution by NIGA to set a goal for its member tribes of purchasing at least 10 percent of their goods and services from Indian Country sources."

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Harold Monteau: Unity Should Benefit All (Indian Country Today 3/30)

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