Robert Chanate: Conquering fear of speaking, Native style

"From time to time, a news article will appear and report public speaking to be a fear which ranks right up there with death. The article may quote a communications professor who will go on to relate some of the fear based responses to public speaking—anxiety, sweaty palms, shaky voice, fidgeting, racing heartbeat, etc. Scary stuff, this public speaking.

If this is the level of fear held by the average person, imagine the fear of a native who has to speak in public for the first time. What can be especially frightening is the belief they have to match the oratory feats of native ancestors. However, this fear is largely based on a misconception because many modern native speakers have already established an easy to follow speech template which can be perfected with a little practice. This template works well with a non native audience and once mastered, it may pay off by delivering well paid speaking gigs."

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Robert Chanate: How to Give an Authentic NDN Speech (Indian Country Toady 4/8)

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