Oliver Semans: Another encroachment on our sovereignty

"As the Executive Director of Four Directions, I like to pay attention to the legislation coming out of Congress that affects Indian country—both good and bad. Unfortunately I have seen more bad than good. The STOP Act is a perfect example of BAD.

That is why leading Tribal Attorneys such as Lance Morgan, partner with Fredericks Peebles & Morgan; Dale White, General Counsel headquartered on the Akwesasne Mohawk Territory; Gabriel “Gabe” Galanda partner at Galanda Broadman PLLC of Seattle, an American Indian owned law firm; and many other Tribal Attorneys all agree the STOP Act is BAD for Indian country.

Although the cost of complying with the STOP Act will be staggering for Tribes, the main concern should be our sovereignty. Under this law State Tax Administrators and the States Attorney General Offices will now have direct access to Tribes, Tribal manufacturers and wholesalers’ tax filings. States will be able to use that data against Tribes. An alleged violation of state cigarette tax laws could be the basis to suspend or revoke a native manufacturer’s license."

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Oliver J. Semans: The Stop Act Is an Encroachment on Tribal Sovereignty (Indian Country Today 4/10)

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