Colby Tootoosis: Going back to real indigenous leadership

"The leadership style of the Indigenous was based on character, merit, and faith. The 1800’s highlighted and demonstrated the foremost examples of this leadership. It brought out the most historic and famous leaders; leaders whose sacrifice, dedication, and humility ensured our survival and influenced the reality we live in today.

Black Kettle, Touch the Clouds, Crazy Horse, Chief Joseph, Chief Seattle, Sitting Bull, Tecumseh, Red Jacket, Hiawatha, Poundmaker, Big bear, Piapot, Geronimo and many more not mentioned here, and countless more who’s humility kept them concealed; not once have the greatest leaders in Indigenous history ever said the words “vote for me,” or “choose me to lead you.”

Under today’s circumstances, it’s different. You ever notice when it comes time to elect our leadership, people change faces? Facade masks reveal themselves like hidden scavengers jumping at their opportunity to feed. Past unsatisfactory stories of people become topics of discussions at dinner tables, bar tables, the golf course, facebook, twitter and most prominently community meetings. Not all circumstances are like this – though many are – and it’s challenging to recognize authenticity. Leadership selection processes have changed. Our nations have changed. In fact what is the most common theme during election time? Change! Everyone speaks of change!"

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