Native News Network: On campaign trail with Derek Bailey

""What do we tell pregnant women, who are nursing, and our children about eating fish out of Lake Michigan?" asked Congressional candidate Derek Bailey to a group of supporters at fund raiser in Lansing, Michigan.

Bailey, who is running for the Democratic nomination for Michigan's First Congressional District, mixes his American Indian value system for respect for the environment with his reasoning on issues that impact voters today.

As tribal chairman of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, he has spoken and written about reducing the threat of invasive species, Asian carp, transferring between the Mississippi River and Great Lakes water basins.

Candidate Bailey is first active tribal chairman of an American Indian tribe to run for Congress. Candidate Bailey believes the long range decision making process utilized by American Indians should be a model for those who serve in Congress."

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Congressional Candidate Mixes His "Indianness" into Campaign Message with Ease (Native News Network 4/16)

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