Eastern Cherokees upset over use of weed killer on mound

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is upset about a town's decision to spray weed killer on the Nikwasi Indian Mound.

Officials in Franklin sprayed the 6,000 square-foot mound with an herbicide last month without consulting the tribe. “I think this is really disrespectful to the tribe," Chief Michell Hicks told The Smoky Mountain News.

The town says the grass on the mound was becoming too difficult to maintain. Hicks said the tribe would have been happy to assist but was never approached.

"If they were tired of taking care of it or something, they could have approached us for help. We would have sent over our own mowing crew,” Hicks told the paper.

The town says it will replant the mound with a slow-growing grass to cut down on maintenance.

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