Stan Jones: Rename Washington place for a local tribal leader

"On April 16 there was letter from Marily Olin about place names, "'Slough' OK, but 'Ebey' must go." I would like to thank Ms. Olin for her letter and reminding people of the true history. I agree Ebey Slough should be changed. Col. Issac Ebey was a tyrant who slaughtered Native men, women and children; fighting with guns against bow and arrows for the greed of land.

Just imagine your family living on the same land forever, not bothering anyone. We had plenty of game, fish and everything we needed to survive. The tribes had their relationships with each other for trading and ceremonies. Then the first settlers came and the tribal people greeted them and fed them.

Then the troops came in and there were many battles with the Natives trying to protect their homes. Their houses were burned; they were pushed off their land and moved them onto reservations; resisters were killed or fled to different territories."

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Stanley G. Jones, Sr.: Rename Ebey Slough for local leader (The Everett Herald 5/10)

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