Letter: Vote for James Ramos, ex-San Manuel chair, in county

"In response to the April 23 Point of View by Michele Derry: I am a citizen of San Bernardino County and have been for the past 67 years. I am very active in my community. My observance of James Ramos and members of the San Manuel Tribe has been very positive. James has been very positive. James has proven to be a very positive figure in our county. His interests and support of our San Bernardino Community College District, education, and our children's futures are endless.

Mr. Ramos has educated himself with a master's degree to reaffirm his dedication to education. He is a local businessman who follows all the rules, regulations and laws that apply to every other business person in our community. His position of tribal chairman was one of honor and timeless leadership. He is humble and traditional and his family values are admirable. His personal contributions and hard work for local charities, hospitals, Little Leagues and community organizations is an outstanding testament to this gentleman's commitment, integrity and character."

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Clara D. O'Campo: Vote Ramos (The San Bernardino County Sun 5/15)

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