Opinion: San Manuel Band chairman linked to violent crimes

"As a U.S. Marine, I proudly defended our country in the Persian Gulf War. As San Bernardino County supervisor, I am a strong supporter of law enforcement and an independent taxpayer watchdog for the citizens of the 3rd District.

I am writing in response to The Sun newspaper's predictable defense of political candidate and San Manuel Tribal Chairman James Ramos ("Neil Derry's ugly campaign," Feb. 5 editorial).

Unlike Mr. Ramos, I don't need to hide behind paid surrogates or casino advertising payoffs. The people of the 3rd District know that I am not afraid to speak for myself. And as a longtime resident who grew up in the neighborhood surrounding the casino and who has represented it for 12 years, I can personally attest to the damage that it has created.

I stand strongly behind the facts presented in my campaign flier.

James Ramos was part of the tribal leadership during the "killer for hire" scandal where two tribal members received a slap on the wrist for their serious crimes."

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Neil Derry: Crime ties are a serious issue (The San Bernardino Sun 2/9)

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