Eastern Cherokee chief wants apology for treatment of mound

The leader of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians says the tribe deserves an apology for the use of weed killer on the historic Nikwasi Indian Mound.

Chief Michell Hicks said the tribe wasn't consulted by the town of Franklin before herbicide was used on the mound. All of the grass on the mound was killed.

“We have worked on various things over the years and I thought we had good relationships,” Hicks told The Cherokee One Feather. “But, this just goes to show me that either someone slipped and wasn’t thinking or maybe those relationships weren’t there.”

One town leader drafted an apology to the tribe but others rejected the idea.

The mound is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Chief: Tribe wants apology on Nikwasi Mound issue (The Cherokee One Feather 5/21)

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