Opinion: Vote 'yes' to eliminate 'Fighting Sioux' mascot at UND

"When the Fighting Sioux play in a tournament that belongs to the NCAA, the NCAA has the authority to set the rules. We are not being pushed around. Actually, we are arguing with the neighbors about whether or not we have clean shoes; and in the final analysis, it’s their house.

Now, we could bow our necks and defy the NCAA if we wanted to accept the consequences, many of which are undetermined at this time. These undetermined consequences are ominous and have UND officials pleading with voters to vote “yes” to retire the logo.

University leaders are convinced that keeping the logo would send their Division 1 sports ambitions into a tailspin. Destruction of the university’s athletic program would be a high price to pay for the temporary pleasure of showing the NCAA who’s boss. We would end up being boss of an empty arena.

There is little doubt that the only victim of a “no” vote would be UND while the NCAA would go unscathed."

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Lloyd Omdahl: Keeping Sioux logo won’t punish NCAA (The Grand Forks Herald 5/29)

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