Column: What's in a name? -- New policy affects Indian mascots

"Sometimes political correctness supercedes logic.

Which is precisely what has happened with the Oregon Board of Education's recent decision to prohibit Native American-themed nicknames at our state's high schools.

The board voted 5-1 to force schools to change the nicknames by 2017 or risk losing state funding. Eight high schools with Native American nicknames -- Mohawk, Molalla, Roseburg, Scappoose and The Dalles-Wahtonka (all Indians), Banks and Reedsport (Braves) and Rogue River (Chieftains) -- will be required to change their nicknames.

In addition, seven schools that call themselves the Warriors -- Amity, Lebanon, North Douglas, Oakridge, Philomath, Siletz Valley and Warrenton -- must drop logos and mascots that depict Native Americans."

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Kerry Eggers: WHAT'S IN A NICKNAME? (The Portland Tribune 5/31)

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