Column: American Indian Community House faces loss of grant

"These are tough times for the American Indian Community House and its interim director, Christine Funmaker-Romano.

The group was forced to vacate its longtime offices at 11 Broadway because the landlord wanted to raise the rent to $40,000 a month.

Then the group had to curtail some of it’s traditional ceremonial drumming and dancing at its new offices on West 29th St. after other tenants complained about the noise.

Worse still, the U.S. Labor Department is considering pulling a $1,062,000 Workforce Investment Act (WIA) grant AICH has received since 1975 to offer clients job training. AICH would instead have to compete with the Rhode Island Indian Council for the right to administer the grant."

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Clem Richardson: American Indian Community House - a New York lifeline for Native Americans - could close if federal grant is pulled (The New York Daily News 6/11)

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