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Charles Kader: Subsistence economies threatened in US, Canada

"Amid touted economic recovery at the federal government level, Indian country remains underwater in terms of sustainable growth in all but a few isolated pockets of capital markets within the United States and Canada. Turtle Island and all of its natural resources remain a viable alternative to main street business models, many of which have not taken hold for both obvious and not-so-obvious reasons.

My cousin Eric McComber of the Kahnawake Kanienkehaka Territory always comes to mind when subsistence fishing and hunting come to mind. Once, before my people, also known historically as Mohawks, famously took to building bridges and skyscrapers in big cities, their lifestyle involved hunting, fishing and farming. Eric, also known as “Dirt,” previously worked as an ironworker, at times alongside his father Atsenharonkwas (Jimmy “Flo” McComber). Both loved the Creator’s sport of lacrosse. Both also shared a love of the outdoors and held a common fascination with fishing as a means to feed a growing family. A third generation of McCombers now also finds itself accessing the fruits of this labor of love."

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Charles Kader: Subsistence Economies Threatened in Indian Country (Indian Country Today 6/15)

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