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Sen. Bingaman opposes bill for Pueblo economic development

Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-New Mexico) said he opposes a bill that allows the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico to use the Santa Fe Indian School for economic development.

Bingaman is retiring at the end of the 112th Congress. But his opposition could spell trouble for H.R.1556, which passed the House by a voice vote on Monday.

"Before the Santa Fe Indian School property was transferred into trust, there was an agreement by all parties that the land would be used by AIPC to support three key areas: health care, culture and education," Bingaman said in a statement, The Santa Fe New Mexican reported. "I remain convinced that the Santa Fe Indian School should continue to be used for those three purposes -- not commercial development."

Bingaman was referring to Public Law 106-568, which placed the SFIS campus in trust for the All Indian Pueblo Council. The law states that the land must be used for "educational, health, or cultural purposes."

H.R.1556 amends the law in a key way. It allows the land to be used for "economic development projects" that benefit the school.

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Bingaman opposition could derail SFIS plans (The Santa Fe New Mexican 6/20)

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