Gyasi Ross: Celebrating a modern-day warrior -- Albert Pooley

"This installment of the Modern-Day Indigenous Warriors Series is dedicated to a person that I don’t know. At all. Yet, I watch this person and pay close attention to his work, stalker-style, admiring from a distance and thankful that he’s doing the necessary and compelling work that he’s doing for Indian Country.

Kinda creepy.

I know that it’s kinda creepy; in fact, I’m typing this on my laptop from outside his office. I jokes (or do I??)!!

But he’s worth watching. His name is Mr. Albert Pooley, and he is the founder of the Fatherhood/Motherhood Is Sacred programs. Mr. Pooley is also a proxy for ALL great Native fathers, like those amazing aboriginal dads in the photographs accompanying this story. Anybody that follows my writing/knows me/hears me speak understands that “fatherhood in Indian Country” is a topic that I am particularly passionate about—for many reasons. The main reason, however, is that much like the rest of the United States, we simply don’t have enough men willing to be good fathers in Indian Country. Now, there are many factors that go into that very loaded statement; poverty, chemical dependency, bad choices in romantic partners, the reoccurring/cyclical nature of single parent families, etc, etc."

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Gyasi Ross: Celebrating Modern-Day Indigenous Warriors Series (aka Native Fanboy Piece #2): Albert Pooley and ALL Great Native Fathers (Indian Country Today 6/25)

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