Opinion: Donna Cooper, Tulalip Tribes elder, was well respected

"The world is a poorer place with the July 1 passing of Donna Cooper.

A beloved elder of the Tulalip Tribes, Donna quietly embodied wisdom, courage and love for community. She left her mark in ways that stretch beyond the Tulalip Indian Reservation, where she spent most of her 75 years.

I met her nearly a decade ago. She was leading her family in a sad quest for answers about the death of her grandson, Mylo Harvey, in a 2002 struggle with Everett police.

Donna said little during that first meeting. When she did speak, though, her daughters paid close attention. The reasons were clear: They not only respected her, but what Donna had to say was incisive, challenging. She clearly was a deep thinker. And like the gifted teacher she was, she posed questions that seemed simple but, when pondered, opened doors to greater truths."

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Scott North: A wise elder of the human tribe is mourned (The Everett Herald 7/13)

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