Editorial: Children's safety at risk on Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation

"Children are at risk in North Dakota’s Indian country, and the official response thus far has been mostly finger-pointing, buck-passing and a few innings of the blame game.

In a series of reports, Forum Communications reporters Patrick Springer of The Forum and Chuck Haga of the Grand Forks Herald revealed a slice of a toxic environment in which children are abused, neglected, exposed to drugs and even murdered. The reporters spent several days on the Spirit Lake Reservation south of Devils Lake, N.D., but the malignancy they encountered can be found on other reservations.

Prompted by anecdotal evidence and official reports, the team confirmed that American Indian children are at extraordinary risk. The pathologies that measure a society’s health – especially as they affect children – seem to be magnified and concentrated in Indian country. Children are trapped in circumstances that almost guarantee they will be victimized in some way: violence against them, exposure to drugs and alcohol, malnutrition, family dissolution, school truancy, an endemic atmosphere of fear."

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