Blog: Moapa Band solar energy project promises employment

"Recently the Obama administration approved a record breaking 350 megawatt solar project on tribal land. The massive solar project will be constructed on 2,000 acres of the Moapa Band Paiute Indians in Clark County, Nevada. Inhabiting about 3% of the tribe’s land, the project will be owned by the tribe and operated by K Road Power Holdings, LLC (K Road). The tribe plans on running a 500-kilovolt transmission line to a grid and a 12 kilovolt transmission line to the Moapa Travel Plaza (renewableenergyworld.com).

The plaza is home to a casino, coffee shop, gas station, convenient store, and fireworks store. The company believes they will create 400 construction jobs during the installation process and around 20 permanent jobs in the future. This specific project is expected to be finished by 2014."

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Record Breaking Solar Project on Tribal Land May Promise Jobs (Clean Tech Authority 7/19)

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