Duane Beyal: Saying bye after 12 years as Navajo Times editor

"I thank the Navajo people for the honor of serving you for the past 12 years as editor of the Navajo Times.

My last full day of work was July 6, almost exactly 12 years to the day from when I started as editor in 2000.

I decided to leave now, and have considered it since I hit the 10-year mark in 2010, because I feel I've had my shot at trying to improve the newspaper and produce the best product we can every week.

I have not achieved the goals I aimed at, in terms of quality and general excellence, so it is time for me to step aside and let someone new give it a try. I hope the new editor, whomever that may be, can be more successful."

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Duane A. Beyal: 'Ahe'hee' Serving the people for 12 years (The Navajo Times 7/23)

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