Charles Kader: Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination

"The desire to see a successful Native North America has long been espoused by federal governments on all sides of the North American border. By Mexico, Canada, and the United States alike.

Pride follows success, so the motivational lecture goes.

Drawing upon capital markets as the source of taxable revenue streams, is the artery system of “mainstream” government stability. Lands in historically prominent Indian country which are integrated into mainstream economic systems, i.e. “tax-paying entities,” appear to show the face of progressive tribal government leadership; one which has fully subscribed to the American-state dream.

In other corners of this same Turtle Island however, that marking of compliance is not so sacrosanct. In many ways, it seems to be a literal question of trust."

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Charles Kader: Onkwehonweh Survival in the 21st Century (Indian Country Today 7/30)

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