Column: Winnebago Tribe honors veterans at its annual powwow

"You can't attend the annual Winnebago Indian Powwow without being touched by all the colors — and not just the traditional, bright-hued regalia of feathers and beadwork.

What's always striking is the prominence of those other colors — the red, white and blue.

It's almost counterintuitive: an Indian tribe, with American flags flying all around the outdoor arena. Given the U.S. government's historical mistreatment of tribes in the development of the West, you might think that patriotism would be muted on the reservation.

“We love the country as much as the president,” said Darwin Snyder, 45, vice chairman of the tribal council. “It's hard to explain sometimes, with the way we were treated back in the day. But this event is very special to all our Winnebago people.”"

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Michael Kelly: Veterans and revered at Winnebagos' vibrant powwow (The Omaha World-Herald 8/2)

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