Terrance Booth: Tsimshian family maintains our tribal traditions

"This month Metlakatla celebrates its 125th anniversary and emerging cultural traditions are on the rise in this Alaska Native community founded in 1887. The Tsimshians of Alaska have been learning of their Tsimshian culture by returning to their original homeland and learning songs and dances from their relatives of northern British Columbia. What is needed among the Tsimshian Nation is maintaining our Tsimshian way of life, our Sm’algyax (our Tsimshian Language).

Great great Grandson of Adolphus Calvert, Neesh wil gum, of the Wolf Clan, born in Port Simpson, British Columbia has been learning, experiencing, and finding out on about late relatives especially on their clans and their “house’ that they belonged too. All the behind the scene work, Terrance H. Booth, Jr. studies the true meeting of this adoption and has busied the proper way of putting his regalia together that reflects his three cultures within him being Tsimshian/ Pima/ Thono O’odham tribes and the Pima/Thono O’odham side his relatives doing a portion of his regalia. Pima women elders of Gila River Indian Community gave him the name Eagleboy and he carries that proudly for it is highly incorporated within his artwork.

Terrance H. Booth, Jr. had the privilege of being in the presence of his late Grandfather, Ira C. Booth, Tsimshian Historian, Tribal Judge, boat builder, builder, and influential tribal member of Metlakatla, Alaska and was a great inspiration to his grandson giving many Tsimshian stories, history and the great leaders of the past of Metlakatla. From his own relatives he gains and learns much from the people of Metlakatla. He is an up and coming young man recent accomplishment thanks to Sealaska Heritage Institute both he and Kandi McGilton of Metlakatla were both hired to do pictures of Southeast Alaska Regalia that will displayed at Sealaska Heritage Institute and archived. "

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