IPR: Derek Bailey, ex-Grand Traverse chair, campaigns for seat

"Derek Bailey, the former chairman of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians is running against Copemish businessman Allen O’Shea in the 101st State House of Representatives district. The district is a four-county strip with more than 100 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline. Not surprisingly, the two candidates vying for the Democratic primary vote are stressing issues like tourism promotion and green energy.

The winner of Tuesday’s contest will run against incumbent Republican Ray Franz in November. Bailey is more likely to mention Ray Franz in his campaigning than he is to talk about his Democratic opponent.

“I vowed, as well as Mr. O’Shea has, that whoever comes through in the primary, if it’s myself or if it’s Alan, get behind the other candidate and win the seat back in November,” Bailey said. “So we’re running a very positive, issue-based campaign.”

Bailey criticizes Franz for not supporting state funding to promote tourism, which he feels is a good way to improve the local economy."

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Dems In 101st Compete For Shot At Ray Franz (IPR 8/3)

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