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Eastern Cherokees still hoping to acquire sacred Nikwasi Mound

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians wants to acquire the sacred Nikwasi Indian Mound, a tribal council member said.

The tribe owns two other historic mounds. Nikwasi is currently owned by the town of Franklin.

"We as the tribe, we as the Cherokee want to take it, maintain it,” council member Diamond Brown said at an informal meeting, The Smoky Mountain News reported.

Discussions to acquire the mound increased after the town sprayed an herbicide on the mound, killing the grass. The tribe was not consulted about the decision.

The town has refused to apologize although one official tried to do so.

The mound is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Cherokee, Franklin search for common ground over Nikwasi mound dispute (The Smoky Mountain News 8/8)

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