Opinion: Seneca Nation treating land 'squatters' with disregard

"In response to the Buffalo News' article on July 28 regarding the Seneca Nation's plan to evict Snyder Beach residents, I take issue with the statement released by the Seneca Nation and some of the sentiments by Seneca President Robert Odawi Porter.

As a long-time "squatter" of Snyder Beach, I'd like to mention some thoughts that came to mind when first hearing of the eviction notice and when reading the most recent article in the News.

My family has been coming to Snyder Beach since the 1960s. We own the one-story cottage on land that we, and every other family, have been leasing yearly from a Seneca businessman.

My greatest complaint about the statement released is that it makes us out to be common criminals. Where has this insistence that we are unlawful occupants been before?"

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Amelia Wright: Senecas are treating 'squatters' with disregard (The Buffalo News 8/29)

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