Terrance Booth: President Obama's record in Indian Country

"Earlier this week all of America listened to our President Obama acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention this writers opinion he returned the Democratic Party to be the Peoples’ party letting us become the change that America wants and desires. He gave a reality check on the real goings on with America and what we as Americans are up against and what has been happening over the 4 years of the President’s Tenure. We got a personal view by Vice-President Biden and as we listened to different individuals; it was because of the President that they are moving forward.

This writer’s question would be what has the President done for Alaska Native and Native American Tribes? This is the first President to every put a Native American Advisor at the White House level presenting him from our Native perspective what we have been facing as tribes over since the first President and now slow but sure there are some resolutions to our Native social and economic plights. Let us look at a summary of his record with Alaska Native and Native American Tribes."

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Terrance H. Booth Sr: President Obama’s Record on Indian Affairs for Alaska Native and Native American (Examiner.com 9/8)

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