Editorial: Re-elect Denise Juneau for education post in Montana

YouTube: Denise Juneau at the 2012 Democratic National Convention

"Over the past four years, Montana public schools have improved data collection so they can track how well their students are doing. Using that information to improve teaching and learning has been a major focus of Denise Juneau’s work as Montana superintendent of public instruction since she took office in January 2009.

Statewide, test scores are up and dropout rates are down. However, the data show there’s work to be done in schools where student achievement is low or dropout rates are high. Juneau is tackling both of those challenges.

As the state’s elected public education leader, Juneau has rallied Montanans to work within their communities to improve graduation rates. Borrowing a successful idea from Missoula, Juneau has taken Graduation Matters Montana across the state to challenge schools and community members, including businesses, to collaborate on initiatives that will help more students graduate ready for college and careers."

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