Dana Lone Hill: No celebration for a murderer in South Dakota

"Every year I carry a certain pride inside, even though as Lakota we are not supposed to be proud, but with a certain arrogance, I am happy I am from a state that does not honor the memory of a murderer.

Christopher Columbus.

I always think, what the hell? When will the rest of the world catch up and realize that it's not right to honor a murderer? One who murdered for greed, a lost explorer who enslaved and killed off different tribes into extinction with disease and cold blooded murder.

Then I think about the race relations in this state. For anyone reads my work, it is no secret that I have brought up racism and South Dakota before. I think of how South Dakota is compared often to the Deep South of the 30's and 40's, and how many times I have been called a derogatory name, even before I knew what they meant. How many incidents I have witnessed of racism. How I was passed for promotions in crappy jobs I was qualified for. How I stood up for my children when I felt they were discriminated against. I think of how many murders of our people went unsolved. I think of Vern Traversie, the SDSU incident, Pe'Sla and all the other wrongs that should be, need to be, right with this state."

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