Suzan Harjo: Revisiting historic 'Our Visions' gathering of 1992

"“Our Visions” was a historic gathering of 100 Native writers, artists and wisdomkeepers at Taos Pueblo and sponsored by The Morning Star Institute and The 1992 Alliance. The statement was the collective work of Oren Lyons and myself, as co-chairs, and Marcus Amerman, James Anaya, Cecil Antone, Thomas Banyacya, David Bradley, Walt Bresette, Mildred Cleghorn, Benito Concha, Vine Deloria, Jr., Heid Erdrich, Jodi Gillette, Joy Harjo, Bob Haozous, Allen Houser, N. Scott Momaday, George Morrison, Allen V. Pinkham, Sr., Tom Porter, Lonnie Selam, Jesse Taken Alive, Robert W. Trepp, Lois Risling, Mateo Romero, Emmett White, Alex White Plume, Rick Williams, Sally Williams, Susan M. Williams and all the other 100 wisdomkeepers, artists and writers who gathered for four days in October 1992 and never talked about Columbus.


In memory of more than 500 distinct Native Nations and millions of our relatives who did not survive the European invasions, and with respect for those Indigenous Peoples who have survived, we make this statement.

We, the Indigenous Peoples of this red quarter of Mother Earth, have survived 500 years of genocide, ethnocide, ecocide, racism, oppression, colonization and christianization. These excesses of western civilization resulted from contempt for Mother Earth and all our relations; contempt for women, elders, children and Native Peoples; and contempt for a future beyond the present human generation. Despite this, we are here."

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Suzan Shown Harjo: Statement of Vision Toward the Next 500 Years, Revisited (Indian Country Today 10/8)

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